About us

About us
Location Guide Romania is the key stop point for anyone looking to shoot films, TV series or commercials in Romania. With a network of professionals covering all the aspects of production, we provide support and tailor-made solutions for your project, making sure that you get the best of what Romania has to offer.

Wide variety of locations, both urban and natural, interior and exterior

Its geographical variety makes Romania the perfect location for shooting any type of film: the mountains, the woods, the lakes, the friendly seaside and the fabulous Danube Delta are only the peak of what it can offer. The ancient and modern landmarks can help enrich any shoot: Transfagarasan – world’s best road trip according to Top Gear, Transalpina – one of the oldest and highest roads in the Carpathian mountains, rifting through the clouds, Houses of Parliament – one of the biggest buildings on Earth, cult locations, traditional ancient housing, medieval fortresses, castles, beautiful streets, squares and buildings composing an eclectic architectural style. One can also find here many industrial sites to explore.

Big pool of talents

You can find fluent English, French or Italian speaking talents, from extras and top models to experienced actors and production teams. Your team can benefit from working with awarded producers, directors, ADs, DOPs and scriptwriters.

High level set construction at the best price in region.

Talented production designers and set decorators, experimented and fast building teams already used to working for foreign productions can meet your most extravagant needs as far as set construction goes. Diverse sets have been built here over the years, for period dramas, horror, sci-fi or contemporary films.

Sound stages and studio availability

There are two large studios, both offering back-lot and standing sets: Castel Film has 9 soundstages and Bucharest Film Studios (the former MediaPro) has 19 soundstages, including 4 water tanks and 1 full green screen studio. There are also other smaller studios with good facilities in and around Bucharest, as well as sophisticated post-production labs.

Equipment and crew

With an active cinema industry, Romania has plenty of excellent crews with international experience. Furthermore, a wide selection of professional film equipment is available at competitive rates.

Props collections

Covering different historical periods, well-organized warehouses of props are managed by expert staff.

Excellence in costume design

Local costume designers and tailors have worked for many projects in the film industry and can make any type of costume, from military to civilian, ancient to modern, whether it is a Superhero cape or a nineteenth century gown. Moreover, there are extensive collections accommodating hundreds of thousands of diverse clothing, footwear and accessories from all eras.

Accommodation, food and entertainment

Whether you film in Bucharest, using its nearby soundstages, or you film in the wild natural locations, you can always find comfortable (or luxury, if you want) accommodation, offering great traditional and international cuisine as well as leisure and entertainment options.

Proven and tested over and over again

More than 100 foreign films and TV productions have been shot in Romania in the last 10 years, from Oscar and international film festival nominees and winners, box office success stories, renowned TV series and TV movies, covering a wide variety of genres and several historical periods. See some of them here: Romania Insider.

Low cost, good value

Filming in Romania can bring any North American or Western European budget 30% to 50% down, without lowering the quality of the end product.


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