ServicesLocation Guide Romania offers assistance and support for any international producer. What can one expect to receive?

  • Tailor-made solutions for international projects, fulfilling all types of needs from script to screen.
  • Free access to our database of locations as well as a customized scouting to meet your expectations in realizing your international project.
  • Assistance in scouting for local talents while ensuring a high matching level of right people on board as result to our partnerships with casting agencies and talent managers.
  • Connection with local producers and production teams, guaranteed to be the best-suited professionals, with outstanding work ethic, determined to offer the best service quality at international level.
  • A dedicated team providing assistance and support to ensure the best value deals for equipment rental, special effects, 2D / 3D animation, post production and sound design.
  • Fixers and advisors who will take care of all the aspects of any international scouting, from shooting permits, accommodation, insurances and orientation.